The term video means "I see", from the Latin verb "videre".
Do you have a story to tell? In our world of communication overload, consumers tend to tune out impersonal adverstisements. On the other hand personal powerful stories present a message that stands out and create an personal emotional connection with their audience. Lets us help you tell your story.

Dunamis Studios offers video services and solutions in production and post-production. We produce videos for business, web, meeting event coverage, interviews, training, and nonprofit. Full motion graphics can be created for any project. Final videos can be format for the web, mobile devices, and DVD (DVD creation and authoring services available).

Informational Training Videos
Informational Training videos are a versatile way to communicate information at different times, to different audiences, and by different delivery methods. Training sessions that need to be completed for: new products or services, policies or procedures, and programs videos can be replayed again and again especially if you make it internet accessible. One of the most effective means of conducting training is with the use of Audiovisual (AV) possessing both a sound and a visual component, such as slides, movies, video clips, flip charts, chalkboards etc., and can be delivered by web streaming, video conferencing and live broadcast services.
Live Coverage
Dunamis Studio has for ten years provided on-site live video and audio services & support. We offer coverage of interactive events with both formal presentations from the stage and also dialogue between the audience and the presenters. To accomplish this we use multiple camera setups both fixed and mobile, and multiple microphone pickups both on the stage and from the audience. Full post-production services are also available to produce high definition videos of events for both web streaming and production of DVD sets.
Promotional Videos
It is your time to show off your brand, product or service. Promotional videos can do just that. They are a powerful way to engage your audience no matter how large or small. Very few promotional products can generate the impact as a well-produced promotional video. Current technology affords businesses and organizations that may have a small marketing budget to see returns. Videos are a creative tool produced for different environments, generate desired interest, and target audiences. A few of the types of Promotional videos that Dunamis Studio can produce for your company are: